The Curse of Nineveh

A New Day Dawns

Contains spoilers for Adventures in Mythos London: The Non-Euclidean Gate

Tuesday, 28th of July, 1925

Sir Malcolm Chandler accompanies the police back to Scotland Yard under arrest for murder. Mister Paul Peelman has vanished – apparently he wants to stay away from the constabulary – but the other investigators head to the Middle Temple where they contact and collect Sir Malcolm Chandler’s lawyer, Mister Benjamin Donovan.

At Scotland Yard, Sir Malcolm is interviewed in connection with the murder of Doctor Terrence McAvoy – his fingerprints having been found at the scene of McAvoy’s death. Detective Inspector Brigalow is obviously handling Sir Malcolm with kid gloves, and the impression is gained that he now regards the issuing of a warrant against Sir Malcolm as something of a mistake, especially after Sir Malcolm tells him to make contact with his colleagues Dis Winslow and Partridge. Sir Malcolm is released with instructions not to leave the country.

The investigators return to the Wentworth Club for dinner. During dinner, they are informed that a young man wants to see them claiming to have a message for Mister Peelman. They agree to meet him outside where the young butcher’s boy, gives them a name – Michael Baxter – telling them that Baxter had red hair which he has recently shaved off. He gives them Baxter’s address in Camden, and the investigators head there. They wait outside for Baxter to return home, shortly before midnight.

Wednesday, 29th of July, 1925

A physical confrontation takes place between Baxter and the investigators, culminating in their subdual of the man. They take him into his home and question him. Initially he denies anything, but when he is told of the death of Randolph Kipps, he falls to pieces. He had robbed Mister Kipps and had hit him but had no idea he had hit him hard enough to kill him. In exchange for a chance to run before the police are called, he reveals he was hired by a Mister Atticus Stamp, who works for the Atlantis Bookshop on occasion, to steal the missing pages. They are now in Mister Stamp’s possession and he gives them his address in Marylebone. The investigators leave, Sir Malcolm immediately telephoning the police, while Baxter tries to run. The investigators head to the Marylebone address.

While pondering breaking in, they make the acquaintance of Mister Smith and Mister Jones who are also about to break in to Atticus Stamp’s home. Mister Jones and Mister Smith reveal they are part of some organisation that intends to take the pages in Mister Stamp’s hands into safekeeping. They tell the investigators that these pages almost certainly contain a lost ritual that will open a mystical gate to another world, from which horrible creatures, called Mi-Go will emerge. They would like the investigators help to stop this happening. The investigators agree on a provisional basis – they agree to help stop Stamp, but will need to be convinced the papers will be safe before handing them over to Mister Smith and Mister Jones. Mister Jones and Mister Smith indicate this is acceptable to them, and rather less professionally than might have been expected, burgle Atticus Stamp’s home in the investigator’s presence and with their help. Papers are found that indicate Stamp believes the ritual will open a gate – but to Avalon, the world and time of King Arthur. A rough sketch map is identified as showing the Church near Mortlake School for Girls, which is one of the supposed possible resting places of John Dee. With haste, the investigators, as well as Mister Smith and Mister Jones (riding in a motorcycle and sidecar) head to the Church.

Inside the find, tied up and very sorry, Miss Eleanor Bennett, a pupil from Mortlake School they met earlier. She reveals that she has been taking money from Mister Stamp, but it’s all gone terribly wrong, as he is obviously mad, and having checked the Church has decided whatever he needs to do actually needs to be done in the cellars of the school, Dee’s former home. The investigators, again accompanied by Mister Jones and Mister Smith head to the school where they find Miss Haversham awake, even though it is the small hours of the morning. She reveals she was woken by Atticus Stamp pounding on the door and that he offered a large amount of money to check the cellar location where the papers were found. He is down there as she speaks.

The investigators plus Mister Smith and Mister Jones head down to find Stamp is just beginning his ritual. He has chalked a circle on the ground and placed the candles at its points… but while the man is mad he seems fairly harmless and he only puts up token resistance as Mister Rhodes extinguishes his candles, and Sir Malcolm takes possession of the papers. Mister Jones and Mister Smith make a citizens arrest of Mister Stamp, and then agree to take the investigators to see somebody who they think will convince them that the organisation Mister Smith and Mister Jones are part of can be trusted. The investigators follow Mister Jones and Mister Smith to a building some of them recognise as Kensington Palace, and which the Guard make obvious is a royal residence even to those who do not immediately recognise it.

They are shown into the presence of His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, the second son of the King. He informs them that they can trust Mister Smith and Mister Jones and the organisation of which they – and he – are part. The papers are put into their care. As the investigators leave, they are told that the organisation in question is the Golden Dawn – which could be a useful contact at some point in the future.



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