The Curse of Nineveh

An attempt at murder

Contains spoilers for 'The Curse of Nineveh'

Monday, 14th of December, 1925

Late in the evening the investigators travel to Copperfield Road on the edge of Regents Canal for a meeting at a Youth Club with a representative of the elusive Delgado. This man introduces himself as Mister Burnside.

The meeting seems fairly productive and less confrontational than might have been feared. Mister Burnside agrees to raise the possibility with Mister Delgado of lending any artifacts in his possession to the British Museum in exchange for a recognition that there was nothing irregular in the acquisition of said artifacts. No firm commitment is made, but the possibility is certainly there.

Tuesday, 15th of December, 1925

The investigators visit the British Museum where Mister Meems is able to tell them that he has begun translating the photographs taken of Willard Puncheon and has realised that Puncheon did not take the necessary precautions in trying to translate and read the scrolls. They are also informed that there was an attempt at Bethlem Hospital on the life of Willard Puncheon. They head to the hospital and find out that overnight a man of Arabic appearance, dressed as an orderly infiltrated the hopsital killing two members of staff, before entering Willard Puncheon's room and attacking him. Fortunately for Puncheon, his room mate, Louis Wain, came to his defence and fought off the attacker who fled. Puncheon has now been moved to a more secure area of the hospital.



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