The Curse of Nineveh

An offer is made

Contains spoilers for 'The Curse of Nineveh'

Friday, 13th of February, 1926

A news story has been found in the West London Observer, that describes ‘ghost’ encounters at the British Museum and which states that a woman has gone missing. The investigators naturally find this interesting and head to the Museum to make inquiries as to what is going on. When they get there, they observe that the modification to the Assyrian Gallery of the Museum are nearly complete and preparations are almost complete in terms of beginning the reassembly of the Temple. It will be at least close to a month before this is complete and the exhibit can be opened to the public. There will be a Grand Opening. The investigators speak to Patrick Longton. They reveal that they have the Horn of Alu in their possession, and will eventually place it into the care of the Museum. They ask him about the disappearance of the young woman, but he knows very little. She was a volunteer working in Ancient Greek department.

Discussion with the chief of security, Yates, is slightly more illuminating. He hopes the young lady – Clara Winstanley – has simply gone off somewhere of her own accord, but he does reveal that at the time she disappeared, one of the porters, Maurice Gibbons (who the investigators have met before) was found stammering, with his own eyes gouged out at the scene. He has been taken to Bethlem Hospital. Yates is able to provide the investigators with Clara Winstanley’s home address.

The investigators visit the hospital and are allowed to speak to Mister Gibbons. He has clearly lost his mind, but in response to specific questions, states that he heard Clara scream and when he went to investigate he saw a shadow that came alive and took her away. Evil men – foreigners – offered him money and threatened him. He did not take the money.

Saturday, 14th of February, 1926

The investigators are formally informed that a memorial dinner for Theodore-Rayburn-Price will take place on the evening of Monday, 16th of February, at the Wentworth Club. It is assumed they will attend.

The investigators head to the address they have been given for Clara Winstanley, 4 Alloway Road, Mile End. There is no sign she is at home, so they effect a break in out of concern for her safety. There is no sign of any life in the house with the exception of a rather thirsty and hungry cat. The house is searched and it is consistent with what they have heard of Miss Winstanley. A young woman interested in Ancient Greece. It is clear the house has not been occupied in some days. The investigators leave taking the cat with them.

Monday, 16th of February, 1926

The memorial dinner for Rayburn-Price is well attended. Among the attendees is Mister Aloysius Delgado who invites the investigators to visit him at his home, the following evening. He wants to discuss the Horn of Alu with them. He guarantees – his word as a gentleman – that if they come to his home voluntarily, they will be allowed to leave safely.

Tuesday, 17th of February, 1926

The investigators have accepted Delgado’s invitation. His address is one of the best in London – Belgrave Square, no less. When they arrive, they find a party in progress, and get the impression this is a regular event. They are shown through the party into Delgado’s study. He explains to them that he is a powerful Sorcerer and the Horn of Alu would be safest in his hands, and if they choose to join them, they will benefit from being his associates. He can promise greatly extended life, perhaps even immortality, and a great deal of power as well. He tells them that it is better to be his friends than his enemies, and he asks them to consider his offer. If they accept, they simply need to inform him of this by noon tomorrow. If they do not make contact, he will know they have declined.



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