The Curse of Nineveh

Two meetings with a third to come

Contains spoilers for 'The Curse of Nineveh'

Monday, 14th of December, 1925

The investigators have been invited to two appointments at the British Museum this morning – one with Sir Arthur Lansdowne of the Board of Trustees in the Board Room, followed by a second meeting with Azhar Udin of the Children of Tranquility in the Museum Café.

They attend the first meeting where they are introduced by Sir Arthur to a James Smith (likely a pseudonym) who describes himself as a Yeoman Warder Extraordinary of Saint Peter Ad Vincula – St Peter ad Vincula being the Chapel at the Tower of London. In essence, Mister Smith seems to be some sort of intelligence officer in the direct service of the Crown. Sir Arthur and Mister Smith explain that they have asked to see the investigators because there are rumours of a large scale robbery being planned on one of London’s major museums and it was agreed that the investigators would be kept informed of potential security issues relating to the British Museum. Significant efforts – including stationing of troops – have been put in place to protect the British Museum, and it is unclear whether the rumours are true, or even if the British Museum is the specific target.

The meeting with Azhar Udin follows. He takes the investigators to a coffee shop near the Museum where he explains to them that the Children of Tranquility share their concerns that the god Nabu (whatever this entity truly is) may rise again and cause havoc. But unlike the investigators, the Children wish to see the Temple reconstructed within the British Museum. This is because they believe they can use it to rebind Nabu and they believe the British Museum is the best place to do this because it means having access to resources and people that would be unavailable elsewhere in the event things do not go as planned. They also believe that as British archaeologist created the situation in which Nabu might be unleashed, it is only fair and sensible that if anywhere is to be put at risk, it is London, rather than anywhere else. The Children do see the investigators as allies at present but that may change if the investigators interfere with their plans.

Mister Peelman arranges a meeting to occur with one of Delgado’s associates. This is an ‘acceptable’ way to make contact that will not necessarily trigger reprisals. Details of the meeting will be given to the investigators when arranged.



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